Liquid Algaecide is a strong algae depressant used for the prevention of algae growth and the maintenance of sparkling water in pools. Algae growth is the main cause of green, black and many colours in your swimming pool water. Prevention is important, regulated use of liquid algaecide with proper balance and sanitization will keep your water clear.

AQUA Algaecide 5




5% Active algaecide to prevent algae growth. Economical to use. Compatible with most water treatment chemicals. Does not contain any metals. Reduces bromine and chlorine consumption

HTH Extra Algaecide 60%

HTH Algaecide 60% Extra 1 liter | Club Piscine Super Fitness


60% polymer algaecide, Fast and effective treatment for green algae. Can be used for weekly maintenance. Non foaming and suitable for all pool types. Ideal for winterization.