Poolmaster Pool Inspections

Pool Inspection

Poolmaster Pools offers pool inspections with our experienced senior service technician. Our technician will do a thorough check of your swimming poos, equipment and deck area and provide a detailed report.

When buying a property with a swimming pool it is very important to know the status of your pool as well as the dwelling, this will provide you will all the details you need to ensure a safe and operational swimming pool.

Inspection Checklist

✔ Pool Size and shape
✔ Pool depth
✔ Size and style of step
✔ Deck style, deck equipment and other obstructions
✔ Style of pool (vinyl, fiberglass, concrete etc.)
✔ Condition of vinyl liner, paint, tile etc.
✔ Status and function of the pool equipment
✔ Approx. age of pool
✔ Test the pool water chemistry
✔ and more!