Filter Sand Change Service

Poolmasters Canada Inc. provides professional filter sand change services. Swimming pool sand filters function by allowing water to filter through the coarse silica sand in the filter. Unlike smooth beach sand, this media has a gritty texture, effectively trapping particles as the water flows through. However, after five to six years, the sand begins to lose its grit, resulting in inadequate filtration of pool water. To ensure proper filtration, a sand change is necessary. Our experienced service technicians are trained in the techniques of replacing the sand for any make and model, guaranteeing efficient and effective results for your pool.

Cartridge Filter Cleaning

Swimming pool cartridge filters function by allowing water to flow through a tightly packed element made of spun polyester fibers. Over time, this element can become clogged with oils, dirt, and debris. At Poolmaster Canada Inc., we offer the invaluable service of cleaning and/or replacing these cartridges.

Diatomaceous Earth Filter

Swimming pool diatomaceous water filters operate by allowing water to pass through a medium consisting of a soft, crumbly sedimentary rock. This rock is composed of chemically inert, fossilized remains of microscopic algae-like organisms called diatoms. Its primary function is to filter both fine and large debris in the pool. It is important to add a small amount of this medium after every backwash, as over time it will need to be flushed and refilled. At Poolmaster Canada Inc., our service technicians are highly trained in replenishing and replacing the D.E. powder for any make or model of diatomaceous earth filter.